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Is it Safe to do Laser Skin Resurfacing this Summer?

The question we get asked everyday, and the answer is YES! Our LaseMD skin resurfacing treatments are safe during the hot summer months.

LaseMD laser skin resurfacing benefits

When laser skin resurfacing treatments first started becoming popular experts warned that doing the procedure during the summer would put our skin at a higher risk of damage from the sun. While that is true for most laser skin resurfacing treatments, our laser is unique in that it is safe to use year-round.

What makes some laser treatments fall into the category of “unsafe in the summer” is how they interact with our skin to produce results. Lasers that target the skin's melanin, or pigmentation by using light-based technology cannot safely be used on sunburned, tanned, or naturally darker skin without risk of damage.

Our LaseMD treatment is different! It uses heat to target the water under the skin instead of pigmentation. The heat encourages your body's natural healing process and increases your skin's collagen production. This allows us to be able to use it on all skin types and levels of melanin at any time of the year.

Although LaseMD is much safer to use in the summer, treatments will leave the skin sensitive for a few days. This is easily remedied by using plenty of sunscreen for at least a few days after each treatment. Although we are all absolutely wearing sunblock everyday anyway, right?

Schedule your LaseMD Skin resurfacing treatment with Brighton Aesthetics today and see how healthy and happy and your skin will feel this summer!


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