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What makes Diolaze the gold standard in hair removal technology? 

Largest Treatment Spots

Diolaze with its larger treatment spots allows our providers to treat a much larger sections of skin on each application compared to other laser hair removal treatments. This speeds up sessions and also makes this the ideal treatment for removing hair from larger areas like legs, back, and chest as well as smaller areas.

Built-in Cooling System

Laser hair removal uses heat to destroy the hair follicles, which can cause discomfort during the treatment and irritate the skin. Diolaze has a built-in cooling system that significantly reduces treatment discomfort. It is also more gentle on your skin and is less likely to cause irritation.

Works with a Wider Variety of Skin & Hair Type

​Not all hair removal technology works for all skin and hair types. 

The laser targets pigmented cells, so laser hair removal treatments are most effective on clients who have lighter skin with darker hair because the technology is better able to differentiate between the pigmented cells in the skin and pigmented cells in the hair. It can be difficult to find an effective laser hair removal treatment for people with dark hair and skin.


Diolaze is highly effective on people with skin types IV and below. Skin type IV is brown skin color, brown hair, and brown eyes.

Gentle and Permanent Hair Reduction

Despite the skin type limitations of Diolaze, it is still one of the best choices available for laser hair removal. The treatment is efficient, gentle, and, after a number of treatments, essentially permanent.

In order to maximize the gentleness of your Diolaze treatment, our providers will give you pre- and post- treatment skincare instructions. 

  • How does Accufit work?
    Accufit treatments are energizing and invigorating. The technology uses electrical impulses to stimulate thousands of tiny muscle contractions during a single 30-minute treatment. You'll build muscle quickly. These contractions have the muscle-building equivalent of months of exercise.
  • What does an Accufit session feel like?
    A session of Accufit may feel like an intense workout depending upon the session settings. Each session is customized for the individual user depending upon their goals and fitness level. Some individuals may experience mild tingling for a few hours afterward, but this is not common. It's also possible to have muscle tenderness for up to three days afterward, like a good workout at the gym.
  • What should I do to prepare for my Accufit session?
    Everything you would do for a typical work out. Stay hydrated, take electrolytes if possible, don't drink alcohol prior to your session, and avoid strenuous activity before and immediately after your treatment.
  • How many sessions should I do?
    We recommend that our clients undergo at least 6 sessions, additional sessions may be desired for maintenance.
  • Who can benefit from this?
    Almost anyone can benefit from these sessions. The Accufit is hugely beneficial for athletes looking to quickly boost core strength, people who are experiencing back pain, and those who are simply seeking to reduce their overall fat volume.


What a WONDERFUL experience!! A beautiful spa environment with a personal touch. Your skin will love it. After just one laser treatment my skin was brighter and tighter. And yes it was noticed without any solicitation from family. They will tell you exactly what to expect, and how to use the fabulous products. DON'T MISS THIS! The owner is all about health and making sure things are right for you.

~ Bernadette ~


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